What to expect when you visit Everglides

At Everglides we make great efforts to ensure you are in the correct size and model skate for your foot and your level of skating. All our staff are trained to check for correct length AND width, and look for issues such as pronation, (a tendency for the ankles to tip inwards when bearing weight), This can be corrected by insoles which have an arch lift, and we have a range of these at our disposal, from standard ‘one size fits all’ models to full SIDAS custom insoles tailored precisely to the skater’s feet. Most boots can also be stretched to relieve discomfort at the ankle bones, the little toe, or the ball of the foot, and occasionally to give room for the bones at the middle of the foot. All of this is done at the point of sale, and usually free of charge for skates that you buy from us, arch lift insoles do cost extra though. We will make every effort to ensure that the boots you buy from us fit you well and that you are completely happy with the service before you leave the shop. We want you to enjoy your skating, and hopefully keep coming back to us when you need to upgrade your boots or blades. You do need to be aware though that once the skates have been used on the ice, we are unable to take them back and issue a refund unless they are genuinely faulty. We will continue to support you and try to resolve any issues you may have though.

We tend to fit to one of 2 broad levels when fitting skates.

Comfort Fit: A comfort fit will allow the user a little more toe room at the expense of precise control over the blades. This would be a good choice for a recreational skater or someone who is just starting out on lessons. We can also fit children whose feet are still growing in a comfort fit, as it allows them some growing room.

Professional Fit: This fit is more suited to intermediate and advanced skaters who need precise control of the blades when carrying out more advanced skating moves. Beginner skaters may find the restriction of movement of a professional fit too uncomfortable.

The boot we select for you will be determined by your foot shape and your skill level. There are certain brands which suit a wide fit and others that are narrow, some have a rounded toe box, and others come to a point. Some stay loose at the ankle, and others wrap around tightly. Some boots are built for dancers, some for freestylers, and others are just built for recreational skaters. As your skills improve you may need a stronger boot, or perhaps a boot that is more suited to dance or synchronised skating. Your blades also will need to match your ability, beginners only need a low cost blade that probably comes pre-attached to the boots, while Elite level skaters need something that can cost over 10 times this or more, and are purchased separately from the boots.

We are also skilled in positioning blades to suit the individual skater. If you need to get a little more grip on the outside edge of your blades for instance, we can move the blades towards the big toe a little to tip your foot outwards.

Many customers come to us saying their coach or instructor told them to come and get this or that specific boot or blade as ‘ they are the best’. We have to explain that what works for one person may not be perfect for the next. Your coach is undoubtably a very skillful skater, or they wouldn’t be qualified to coach, but they are just that. A useful analogy is that the coach is like a driving instructor. They can teach you how to ‘drive’ and pass your test, but if the car breaks down, you wouldn’t expect them to lift the bonnet, fetch out the spanners and fix the engine. They’d go to the garage and get the car fixed. That is where we come in. We are the mechanics of the skating world. We make sure that everything is in place to make the skates behave like they were designed so that you can learn to ‘drive’ them under the expert instruction of your coach. Please remember that your coach has probably never been taught anything about how his or her boots and blades work, they just know how to make them glide and swirl over the ice better than most.